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Deborah Kobza had a vision to create a simplified overview of Canadian history, an overview where no one would be left out or left behind in learning it.  

With a pioneering spirit and a purpose beyond herself she laboured for three years bringing forth a talking timeline called "History Tellers"!

History Tellers is truly an extraordinary accomplishment. There is nothing out there like it.  Lives and learning are being changed and touched with this unique multi-sensory method of learning.


What is History Tellers?

48 Key people, places and events are used to accomplish a simplified overview.

All of the 48 events are designed to incorporate multi-sensory & multiple intelligence learning styles. The uniqueness of History Tellers is that it combines them all together.  "History Tellers" will be a leader in this unique method of teaching and learning.

Teachers, students and educators are saying:

History Tellers is......

a great motivation to learn Canadian history
a unique teaching method
a multi-sensory and highly interactive learning method
a teachers' resource
a resource for the challenged or the gifted student
anyone's resource for a simplified overview of Canadian history
Kobza's dream is being realized as students of all learning abilities and ages are becoming confident Canadian "History Tellers" ! Come and explore this multi-sensory, highly interactive and dramatic teaching method for Canadian history, where.... NO ONE IS LEFT OUT OR LEFT BEHIND!

History Tellers - Canadian History in 90 Seconds!
Watch the Canadian History in 90 seconds as demonstrated by the author Deborah Kobza!
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See History Tellers in Action!
About HT

History Tellers' mission statement:

To equip a generation and beyond to recall and present an overview of Canadian history.

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