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History Tellers Resource Material is now available in French!

There are two History Tellers' resource packages available:

  1. Individual / personal purchase (see below)
  2. School Site-License and Copyright agreement

#1 Individual / personal purchase allows the teacher to copy the resources for their exclusive use.

  • It is for his/her classrooms only
  • It is NOT intended that you share with other teachers, staff, family or friends
  • History Tellers' copyrights ( images, hand actions and spoken headline caption) are for the sole purpose of learning Canadian history -History Tellers
  • History Tellers'  (4 package resource kit)   $120.00 + S&H + GST


  • Student Album - Hard copy - 48 B&W Line Drawings - (suitable for coloring, or political cartoons), Simon- hand action,
  • Teaching Resource- Hard copy - 48 Summaries, Thumbnail Pics & description,  Simon- hand action,
  • Instructional DVD, 38 min - All events & hand action "How to's"
  • PowerPoint CD - 48 events - Colored Drawings

#2 School Site License and Copyright Agreement allows all the teachers in the school to copy the resources for the school only.

Includes same as above- all 4 HT resources.

Site-License Agreement & Copyright first/ initial year                              $ 250.00 + GST

Shipping & Handling                                                                            $  15.00 + GST

Copyright Yearly renewal                                                                     $  50.00 + GST

For more information or to order resources contact: deb@historytellers.com or phone (403)-343-1592

HT Live!    Teacher and Student Development Live!

Deb would be delighted to come to your school and present History Tellers to your staff for a Professional Development day, or she can do an exciting 2 or 4 hour seminar with your students. Costumes, games, improv. and student show-casing are just a few aspects of the amazing HT seminar. Students love it and will surely be hooked on history forever!

2 hour seminar = $200.00  plus travel @.55km + GST

4 hour seminar = $400.00 plus travel  @.55km + GST

For more information or to order resources contact: deb@historytellers.com or phone (403)-343-1592