For teachers History Tellers is:

fun to teach
for elementary & middle school
for all learning abilities
framework for historical events

History Tellers - Canadian History in 90 Seconds!
For the students History Tellers is:

fun to learn
highly interactive
visually captivating
Why HT Works
We're not just blowing our own horn!  Here's what others have said:

"History Tellers is a fascinating and exciting approach to teaching Canadian history, Deborah Kobza has done a remarkable job!" - Will Ferguson -  Award winning author of " Canadian History for Dummies"

"It's about time someone actually walked us through a mulit-sensory teaching strategy!" - S.W.A.T.C.A. speaker evaluation

"History Tellers is so succesful, because it makes history come alive!" - Simone L.  French Immersion  Teacher- thrilled that HT is now in French

"This is so great and is so in-line with the new program of studies pedagogy. I would love to welcome you as a presenter for our Zone PD." - Kathleen G.  Social Studies Project Co-ordinator

"History can be -blah, blah, blah, but History Tellers made it more exciting" - Melanie B. Gr.4 Student

"History Tellers will be an intergral part of my social studies curriculum every year. It is easy to teach and all my students become successful learners." - Justin F. Gr. 5 Fine Arts Teacher.

"Students are excited and motivated to delve deeper into specific, historical issues." - Wendy. C  Elementary Principal
Each of the 48 events has an eye-catching cartoon drawing that tells the "Big Picture" of what happened in that event.

This drawing captures what happened to the French Acadian people when they were expelled from their land. The visual learners love to; look at, color, make political cartoons and discuss the drawings.
A headline caption called a "keyword" is spoken for each event. Auditory learners not only learn by hearing, but reinforce their learning by speaking. History Tellers "speaks" the 48 events, that's why it's called the "Talking Timeline".
Each event is dramatized through a simple hand action. The Kinesthetic learner loves to be on the move. History Tellers' unique method of teaching incorporates this style of learning.